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About Us

Based in New York City, Action Rhythmics was founded to provide rhythmic gymnasts with equipment and information unavailable anywhere else. Action Rhythmics' goal is to promote rhythmic gymnastics at all levels and to educate gymnasts, referees, coaches and their families about rhythmic gymnastics and its equipment. Action Rhythmics' website features a wide selection of top-of-the-line rhythmic gymnastics merchandise used by world-class gymnasts and teams. serves as an important communication vehicle for many organizations supporting rhythmic gymnastics, including USA Gymnastics, Anniel, Blesk, Bleyer, Chacott, Dvillena, IWA, Lanhua, Leon de Oro, Lisaeiskunst, Pastorelli, Spieth, Venturelli, and many more. We carry the largest selection of rhythmic gymnastics gear, but we also strive for fabled service and delivery that is unmatched in the rhythmic gymnastics world. 

Your items are shipped to you within 24 hours!1

There's one simple reason: we strive to be the best rhythmic gymnastics company on the planet. We love rhythmic gymnastics!

Our Mission: To be the world's leading authentic grassroots rhythmic gymnastics company, building strong relationships in a vibrant, creative, and ethical environment.  To inform, inspire, and innovate!

1 If available in Action Rhythmics' current inventory.

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