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PASTORELLI collection

An infinite variety of different models come to life from modular and customized patterns, shades and plays of light.

The creation of these leotards was an amazing effort of Pastorelli designers.  Pastorelli paid an extreme attention to every little step in process of creation of these beautiful leotards: from the sketch to the computer graphics, paying special attention to the colors and the shades of the fabrics.  Finally, Pastorelliís dressmakers completed the production cycle by providing you these true pieces of art.

Allow 4 to 5 weeks for the manufacturing of the leotard.

Each model could be altered to your tastes and preferences: colors, shapes, Lycra, stones.

Rhinestones make each of Pastorelliís models even more precious and unique.  Applied by an ultrasounds machine, the Swarovski rhinestones or stones of your choice ones, in different colors and sizes, give your leotard an extraordinary brightness through the plays of light.  Each model comes with 100 Pastorelli stones.  If you wish to add more stones please select any of these options and indicate the number of stones you wish to purchase:

Create your own leotard: every pattern, shade or nuance you can think of can be realized -thanks to Pastorelliís detailed and patient work.


    Product Name   Price   Buy Now 
 100 Pastorelli "PRECIOSA" Rhinestones SS20 (4.8mm)  100 Pastorelli "PRECIOSA" Rhinestones SS20 (4.8mm)   $30.00   
 100 Swarovski Rhinestones SS16 (4mm)  100 Swarovski Rhinestones SS16 (4mm)   $36.00   
 50 Pastorelli "PRECIOSA" Rhinestones SS30 (6mm)  50 Pastorelli "PRECIOSA" Rhinestones SS30 (6mm)   $20.00   
 Pastorelli Leotards - Measurements  Pastorelli Leotards - Measurements   $0.00   
 Suggested Number of the Rhinestones Table  Suggested Number of the Rhinestones Table   $0.00   
 "A Thorn Rose"  "A Thorn Rose"   $350.00   
 "Arabesque" (Black/White)  "Arabesque" (Black/White)   $270.00   
 "Arabesque" (Rose)  "Arabesque" (Rose)   $270.00   
 "Christine" (Black)  "Christine" (Black)   $270.00   
 "Christine" (Pink)  "Christine" (Pink)   $270.00   
 "Cornflower"  "Cornflower"   $270.00   
 "Daisies" (Blue/Yellow)  "Daisies" (Blue/Yellow)   $270.00   
 "Daisies" (Fuchsia/Black)  "Daisies" (Fuchsia/Black)   $270.00   
 "Daisies" (Fuchsia/Yellow)  "Daisies" (Fuchsia/Yellow)   $270.00   
 "Flower"  "Flower"   $270.00   
 "Josephine" (Pink)  "Josephine" (Pink)   $270.00   
 "Josephine" (Sky Blue)  "Josephine" (Sky Blue)   $270.00   
 "Julia"  "Julia"   $270.00   
 "Matisse"  "Matisse"   $270.00   
 "Shanti"  "Shanti"   $270.00   
 "Waves"  "Waves"   $270.00   
 "Wind"  "Wind"   $270.00   
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