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Hello Action Rhythmics

First of all, we want to be grateful to you for the interest that you have showed towards our company and our products. Briefly, I am going to talk about the basic guidelines of the creation, expansion and level that our company has reached, both in Spain and in different parts of the world.

This company was established in 1998 and at that time there was no specialized manufacturing in toe caps for rhythmic gymnastics in Spain. There were only Sasaki (exclusively for high economies) and the ones that each gymnast had to look for by herself with low quality.

In three or four years we strengthen specialization by introducing new models and we believe, in our humble opinion that we set up the variety of flesh color with the "Fantasia" model. It caused an enormous enthusiasm in domestic market and international competitions in Belgium (“No Limits”), Portugal (“Portimao” and “Madeira”) and Slovenia, where we have been setting stand for several years.

Currently, we have many toe cap models that cover a wide range of possibilities in design, quality and price. We have high quality and color options for the daily training of the gymnast in "Competición" models, and we close the range with "Elite” models. Last one attracted powerfully the attention of gymnasts by its elasticity and smoothness in feet (especially “Guante”, “Caricia”, “Olimpia” and “Pekín” models). Gymnasts asserted that they have never had that feeling with any other toe cap brand in the international market.

In 2009 we were the sponsors of Anna Bessonova (2007 All-Around World Champion) on tour in Spain and that is when we designed our model "Caricia”. It made a very good impression on her and she used it throughout the tour and concerted clinical.

Within domestic market, we are the first company with a great difference compared to other competing brands, since our domestic sales reach roughly 25,000 pairs, which is 60/70% of the market.

 Thanks to our innovative and creative spirit, we evolve to expand our range of items which include tracksuits, shirts and sportswear SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR WORKOUT AND OUTING.

Quality and design are our main goal when making our collections, not forgetting the functionality and adaptation for sport. Therefore our garments are made with top quality fabrics.

In Dvillena Sport, we customize your equipment. We analyze your needs and we offer specific solutions in colors and models. Our garments are made from Cotton/Spandex in order to give you the comfort and softness you need.

Our toe caps and clothes are handmade in our workshop located in Villena (Alicante). We are specialists in its tailoring and that is why we take care of every single detail.

We are official sponsors of the Spanish Federation of Gymnastics for the past four years, both in toe caps and sportswear. Every gymnast in the national team uses our products, not only because the Federation requires it, but because they have tried different brands and models and they certainly prefer ours.

Gymnast Almudena Cid deserves a great mention. She is the only one who has participated in four Olympic Games and we created “Olympia” and “Pekín” models by her own request for its withdrawal in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. She said she had the satisfaction of finishing her career with the best toe caps she had ever used in her whole life.

Best regards and we look forward for a prompt and prosperous business relationship.

Please forward our warmest regards to all gymnasts, coaches, officials and supporters of Rhythmic Gymnastics in the Western part of the world.

Best regards,

Dvillena Sport



Dvillena is an Official Sponsor and Technical Provider of Spain's Royal Federation of Gymnastics


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