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Lanhua (Shanghai Lanhua Sports Co., Ltd.) is a famous ball manufacturing company from China.  Lanhua is not a "new comer" - they have been manufacturing the RG balls since 1996.  Lanhua RG balls are the most popular RG balls in China.  They are widely used in domestic competitions and training, and are the choice of the Chinese National Team.

Lanhua manufactures the rubber RG balls in two sizes: 15 cm and 18.5 cm.  Lanhua uses new crafts to control the ball's weight and balance.  Also, the digital control equipment is used to ensure the surface gloss and the color consistency.  Lanhua fully controls the manufacturing process and is very proud to the fact that Lanhua RG balls meet the F.I.G. Apparatus Norms.

Lanhua is very active in OEM manufacturing - the same Lanhua balls that you see on are sold with the logos of other famous Japanese, Italian and Spanish RG companies and receive the F.I.G. certifications.  In our store you can get the same RG balls that other sell for the fraction of their cost.  The only difference would be - the logo.

Action Rhythmics is proud to introduce Lanhua to RG athletes, coaches, parents, judges and to all interested in the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

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